Time is our friend.

In a world of loud attention-seeking, we stand in quiet defiance. MATCH whispers under the noise, handcrafting objects that are used every day. And cherished through generations. Time is our friend. It filters out the din.

Plating Up History | Episode 5

Trofie al Pesto

This simple pasta, made of equal parts potatoes and flour, is very user-friendly. It is delightful to work with, but more importantly, it has a sumptuous, cushiony mouthfeel — the perfect base for the famous
Genoese pesto.


about match

From Italian workshops to discerning homes

Since David Reiss discovered the work of pewter artisans in 1995, our Italian craftsmen have created an evolving collection of original designs. Each luxurious, understated piece embodies a commitment to modern heirlooms that echo our customers’ love of craft, quality and authenticity. 

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The art of artisans

The true meaning of craft is not lost on us. Craftsmanship demands focus, refined skills and lifelong dedication. Every object bearing our name is a testament to this ethos. Handcrafted over machine-made, each MATCH piece favors time over speed, marrying form and function, to produce pieces of authentic value for you to discover. 

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