Travel through time with us 

The handmade creation of objects using skills refined over years and through generations transcends time. It honors the past, celebrates tradition and looks to the future.

True beauty has depth

In northern Italy, the unbroken tradition of crafting pewter lives on in the skilled hands of the artisans who create each MATCH piece one by one. Through special casting techniques, multiple finishing processes and an eye for every last detail, what emerges is not just a product but a soulful echo of history that carries with it 3500 years of heritage.

But these are not pieces weighed down by the past, they are relevant and functional objects for modern life. Choosing MATCH pewter is to embrace an evolving legacy. Original designs that blend effortless elegance with a reassuring weight, whispering quality to be cherished.

We trust our master craftsmen implicitly. While we collaborate on designs, we respect that they guard certain processes jealously and so they remain un-photographed. We feel their final pieces prove some secrets are best kept.

Berti Knives

In the years since 1895, David Berti brought his singular vision and skilled hands to bear on fire and steel, his great-grandson has abandoned nothing. Today, Andrea Berti, upholds the same principles in the creation of knives of uncompromising beauty and quality.

Made in the family workshops north of Florence, each knife is the work of one artisan, from start to finish. There’s no other way to produce a piece of such integrity. Labor-intensive? Absolutely. But the labor is one of love and the result is a work of art, which is why every blade is initialed by the artisan who crafted it.

“A good knife makes cooking good.” Discover firsthand the meaning of this Italian phrase. Reach for a Berti knife and supercharge your culinary skills. You’ll never look back.

Beeswax Candles

There are candles… there are beeswax candles… and then there are MATCH beeswax candles. Hand dipped and dripped from a pure source harvested from Canadian hives, they offer a clean, soft glow (paraffin-based waxes, a by-product from the oil industry, do not compare). The naturally dense wax gives a long slow burn (soy candles race down) while the gold color and subtle scent is a chemical-free gift from natural pollen and honey.

The ivory versions are simply filtered never bleached. And the wicks? Woven plant fibers for the pillars are matched to each diameter, while the tapers, tealights and votives have pure cotton. To suffuse your home with a fragrant glow, make the enlightened choice. 

MATCH founder David Reiss says, “you breathe what you burn,” which is why we only put our name to these beeswax candles. Each emits negative ions when lit that naturally purify the air.

Our History

A Unique Allure 

From the discovery of the first pewter pieces sold from a box (stylishly) attached to a Vespa in Italy, MATCH has charted a singular course in the world. Today, our Italian artisans still make each piece by hand in family workshops, casting many from original antique molds to create a range that seduces the senses from first touch. Fall under a pewter spell.

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