Life is punctuated by fortuitous moments

Tales of crooked paths, chance finds, rare skills and an abundance of Italian charm.The perfect intersection of time and place. David Reiss’ twist of fate was waiting in a warren of alleyways in northern Italy in 1995…

David Reiss

Amidst the relentless soundtrack of Italian life — revving scooters, hissing espresso machines, animated shouts — David Reiss heard the staccato hammers of artisan craftsmen breathing life into pewter and, was smitten.

Inspired by the old soul of this distinctive material, Reiss took up the creative baton, as a Rhode Island School of Design graduate should, and ran with it to America’s most prestigious retailers. With a debut collection of 40 original designs rooted in classic European forms — MATCH was born.

Reiss’ devotion to this ‘elegant chameleon’ has nurtured, like his Mediterranean counterparts, a deep understanding of its versatile character and informed a continually evolving collection. Today, Reiss’ designs encompass traditional and modern styles, combining meticulously handcrafted pewter with fine crystal and ceramic plates, to create singular pieces collected worldwide. Understated yet luxurious, each one embodies Reiss’ firm belief that MATCH Italian pewter is an heirloom in the making.

A Modern Treasure

The allure of pewter transcends time. A seamless harmony of good looks and effortless versatility has made it the preferred choice for those seeking enduring beauty. From Ancient Egypt to today’s devotees — it traces a shimmering thread of authenticity that spans centuries.

Born from tin, copper and antimony, MATCH pewter is lead-free and made from 95% tin - an exceptionally high quantity of the world’s fourth most expensive metal after platinum, gold and silver. Nothing less produces the quality we demand, nor qualifies for the 95 stamp you’ll find on every piece.

Unlike silver, pewter resists tarnishing and demands almost no maintenance to retain a warm splendor over years.

Frequently seen in classical paintings, pewter’s power to enchant remains undimmed. From noble households to today’s best-dressed tables, it’s a timeless testament to restrained elegance.


There are no shortcuts

Making things by hand takes time.  Craftsmanship embodies authenticity. It can’t be faked. Of course, there’s a cost to this but we think every moment is well spent.

And, when you hold a MATCH piece in your hand, feel the warmth of the pewter, the ridges of the antique mold and note all the finishing details, we think you’ll agree. 

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