A spellbinding gift

Harry’s Goblet

We’ve given our pewter goblet the Midas touch. Originally seen in films about a certain wizard, we’ve added some magic with real 24-karat gold. An enchanting way to display a bedside bouquet or raise a celebratory toast. It’s an elegant conversation piece you didn’t know you needed. Availability is limited… purchase yours before they vanish.


Plating Up History

Episode 1: Pasta Tajarin

MATCH is excited to partner with Professor Karima Moyer Socchi (University of Siena) because we share a dedication to studying and honoring Italy’s rich past. She views Italian culinary arts through a historical lens, and we approach our product design in much the same way. We both draw inspiration from history while striving to make it relevant and accessible to the modern household.

MATCH is not interested in chasing trends. We want to continue the thread of history to create heirlooms that will be passed down for generations, much like Karima’s recipes have been passed down from centuries ago.


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Join us as we visit our Northern Italian workshop and share a glimpse of a few steps that go into the making of MATCH pewter. You’ll see that “Handmade in Italy” informs who we are and everything we do.

Handmade Italian Pewter Barware

Since we introduced our first group of MATCH pewter and lead-free crystal cocktail glasses, our handmade Italian barware has grown to become our most extensive collection. The world’s finest assortment of its kind offers all that’s needed to prepare, serve and enjoy your beverage of choice.

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Because accidents happen, MATCH offers an economical replacement program for which all of our crystal barware qualifies. It allows us to recycle the valuable pewter and you to purchase a new glass at a significant discount.

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