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Dolomiti Toothbrush Cup

Dolomiti Toothbrush Cup

2.8" SQ X 3.9" H, 10 OZ Item A802.0

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The Dolomiti all-pewter toothbrush cup is a stylish chameleon, able to accommodate a variety of items — toothbrushes, make-up brushes, pencils, even a petite bouquet of flowers — in a variety of personal and professional settings. We’ve also found it makes a great gift, whether accompanied by any of the aforementioned items, or not.

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Care Instructions

Pewter Tarnishes very slowly and requires almost no maintenance.  Should you want to polish your pewter, almost any metal polish will do.  Read the container before you purchase.  MATCH Pewter does not contain lead and is completely food safe.  To clean your pewter after using it to serve food, hand wash in warm water using a liquid dish soap.  Dry the pewter completely.  Pewter is NOT microwave or oven safe.